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Penner Oil is your complete Gas and Diesel Fuel Solution.


Penner Oil handles all petroleum products including biodiesel and aviation products. Our gasoline deliveries include a deposit control additive that exceeds minimum deposit additive levels recommended by major automakers. Our experienced personnel deliver these products everywhere, from urban retail stations, to the most remote winter road access communities, including offloading to planes as needed.

Penner Oil People

Industry Knowledge

Penner Oil has great people, willing to assist customers with their operations. With our many years of experience in management, finance, trucking, marketing and general knowledge, we can help solve many business, fuel and petroleum product related issues.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery

At Penner Oil, we have our own fuel trucks and drivers. The benefit to you is that we can provide fast, efficient service by coordinating loads in an area. All the fuel is metered off so you only pay for what you receive.

Gas Pumps

Competitive Fuel Prices

Penner Oil monitors fuel prices daily to take advantage of the lowest possible rack prices and passes those savings on to you.