Penner Oil

About us

Larry Penner Enterprises Inc. (Penner Oil) has been in business for over 30 years as a wholesale distributor of petroleum products. The primary business of the company is sales and distribution of gasoline & diesel fuel and oil products in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northwestern Ontario. Our customers are mostly rural, and range from service stations, bulk fuel dealers and farmers, to First Nation gasoline stations on outlying reserves as well as urban reserve stations. Penner Oil’s petroleum business can be broken down into ten major categories:

1. First Nation gasoline stations

2. Gasoline stations

3. Bulk dealers

4. Farm business

5. Fly-in fuel to fishing lodges and remote communities

6. Winter road deliveries to remote communities

7. Exploration companies

8. Various government bodies

9. Airports

10. Contractors

Penner Oil deals with gasoline stations on First Nation reserves in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northwestern Ontario, providing excellent service to meet their particular needs. In-house tracking of customer inventory levels allows Penner Oil to anticipate volume requirements and provide timely deliveries even to the furthest of customers. Penner Oil’s fleet of highway tractors and fuel tankers are operated by experienced delivery personnel which allows for just-in-time deliveries of multiple products metered at each site.


  • Our knowledge of the industry.
  • Our experienced team.
  • Our self-sufficiency from sale to delivery.
  • Our environmental response training.
  • Our ability to manage our customers’ operations.
  • Our active pursuit of a safe working environment to mitigate injury and protect property.
  • Our core values, such as honesty, integrity and respect.


Over the years, Larry Penner, President, has put together a team of specialized and dedicated personnel leading the company to its present level of achievement and success. Much of the company’s growth and success can be attributed to a diverse group of long-term employees of various professional backgrounds.

Our drivers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to complete minor pump maintenance as needed. This saves our customers time and money as they do not need to call a petroleum contractor to the site.


At Penner Oil, we have our own fuel trucks and drivers. The benefit to you is that we can provide fast, efficient service by coordinating loads in an area.

Each Penner Oil trailer is equipped with a metering system used to deliver fuel. This ensures our customers are only charged for the fuel they receive. Our trucks are equipped with modern satellite communications equipment. We can contact the drivers at anytime if we need to change plans or divert them from their original course.


Penner Oil handles all petroleum products including biodiesel and aviation products. Our gasoline deliveries include deposit control additive that exceeds minimum deposit additive levels recommended by major automakers. Our experienced personnel deliver these products everywhere, from urban retail stations, to the most remote winter road access communities, including offloading to planes as needed.

Penner Oil’s fuel is loaded from the Shell and Imperial terminals in Winnipeg, the Petro Canada and Greenergy terminals in Thunder Bay, the Co-op terminal in Regina, and the Petro Canada terminal in Saskatoon. Customers can be assured that there is an ample supply of fuel that meets or exceeds Canadian Fuel Standards. Penner Oil also has other sources of fuel in the event of an industry shortage ensuring our customers’ needs are satisfied.


Penner Oil also offers a complete line of quality oils and anti-freeze products. Our products are very competitively priced and we can arrange for delivery by the skid or for customer pick-up.


The safety standards that Penner Oil sets for itself are extremely high. We give our drivers extensive safety training and we practice the utmost diligence in ensuring our standards are upheld. We have our own first responders on staff. They have extensive training in that area of expertise and we handle our own emergency response situations. Penner Oil’s fuel delivery equipment and fuel storage and handling procedures conform to all applicable safety and environmental standards, legislation, by-laws and regulations. Our equipment is meticulously serviced and maintained on site by professionally trained and experienced mechanics.